Source Automotive Provides The Heavy Duty Track Bars For Trucks

Source Automotive has redesigned and greatly improved the factory track bar for Dodge Ram Trucks. Track bars are bars that are attached to the frame on the driver side and extend to the axle on the passenger side of the truck. They are designed to keep the front axle centered underneath the truck and prevent the axle from shifting back and forth from the driver side to the passenger side. Just imagine the front axle shifting while driving at highway speeds towing a trailer! The track bar can make a significant difference in the handling of the vehicle.

From the factory the 1994 to 2002 model year Rams came with a track bar that incorporated a tie rod end on the frame side. When the factory designed tie rod end wears out, the only solution available is to replace the entire track bar. Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries have designed a high quality eyelet end which utilizes graphite impregnated polyurethane bushings that replace the tie rod end. In order to make this function properly on a 1994 to 2002 Ram truck, a Track Bar Bracket Kit must be installed. The track bar bracket kit incorporates a bracket that mounts to the frame and accepts the bushing style end from the track bar. When these bushings eventually wear out, simply replacing the bushings is all that is needed. In addition to the bushings, the bar itself has been greatly improved over the stock configuration. The upgraded version is larger in diameter and heavier duty than the lighter factory track bar.

Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries have designed two different styles of track bars. For stock height trucks, a standard Non Adjustable Track Bars will place the axle in the proper location. For trucks with leveling kits and lifts up to 3”, or lowering kits, the Adjustable Track Bar allows proper front axle alignment. If the adjustable track bar is installed, we highly recommend a front end alignment with a check to ensure that the front axle is centered properly. The only remaining consideration is that some aftermarket differential covers may need modification to allow the track bar to clear sufficiently. We have found that some aftermarket cooling fins on the differential covers protrude farther than factory and can come in contact with the track bar.


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