Make Your Driving Experience Great With Dodge Steering Stabilizer

Dodge Ram trucks, specifically the diesel versions, are known for poor steering handling. Often owners of new trucks are pleased, however over time the heavier diesel engine (when compared to the gasoline engine) contributes to greater wear on front end components. This creates a sloppy, unresponsive feel that virtually every owner experiences. Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries were the first to design a solution to a large contributor to the wandering problem. This innovative thinking generated the first Dodge Steering Stabilizer.

The Dodge Steering Stabilizer provides additional support to the frame and steering box where the factory design falls short. This stabilizer firms up the flex in the frame rails that is felt when driving. This flex is made worse by the heavier diesel engine and often by over sized tires and lifted suspensions. Frame flex contributes to a mushy, sloppy feel as the truck drives down the road. The second location that the Stabilizer supports is the bottom of the steering box. As the driver turns the steering wheel, the additional weight also causes the steering box to flex at the sector shaft. This contributes to early steering box leaks and causes premature failure of steering boxes.

Source Automotive recommends preserving your steering box and greatly improving the drivability and handling of your Dodge by installing a Solid Steel Industries Steering Stabilizer.


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