Control Your Vehicle in Better Way with Steering System

Many improvements have been made to the Steering System of Dodge Ram trucks. From the factory the steering of these trucks quickly deteriorates and drivers often feel a gradual loss of responsiveness and overall control. The tie rod system is a crucial part of your vehicles steering system as it transmits force from the steering center link to the steering knuckle forcing the wheels to turn. The tie rods are responsible for turning the wheels at the same rate and in the same plane as each other. Without properly functioning tie rods, the front tires would turn at different rates and in highly worn cases in different directions. In 2003 to 2009 years, Dodge incorporated a tie rod system that is commonly referred to as Y Linkage. The design of this linkage allowed for the front tires to toe in and toe out independently as the suspension is compressed and relaxed. This causes the driver to feel slop, wander, bump steer and in some cases the infamous Death Wobble as a result of!

This design. A significant improvement to this poor linkage is the upgraded steering linkage.

The upgraded steering linkage makes a dramatic improvement on these problems by utilizing a T style linkage. This style has a solid one piece tie rod end. This eliminates the independent toe in and toe out problem as the suspension compresses and relaxes.

The Source Automotive steering linkage kit incorporates zerk fittings at the tie rod ends to allow for greasing for longer tie rod life.

This steering linkage also requires a new steering damper. The original steering linkage has a stud style attachment point and this upgraded version does not. After installation of the upgraded linkage kit, we recommend a front end alignment to ensure that the front tires are tracking identically.

The Source Automotive tie rod upgrade is a genuine Mopar upgrade with stronger, heavier links for reliability and longevity. This upgrade is a 2003 and newer truck specific product.

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