Beware Of Engine Damaging Upgrades

When it comes to improving the performance of your Dodge Cummins, use caution and get expert advice! Many aftermarket components can do severe harm to your engine or drive train if they are installed improperly or without consideration to the strength of the remainder of the truck.

For instance, when selecting an aftermarket programmer for your Dodge, it is important to understand that the programmer may have the capability of creating more power than your transmission is able to handle. In some cases, the owners of new programmers are excited about the new found bulk of power that they have found. Shortly after the upload of the race program to the ECM, the transmission fails. Source Automotive has the experience to avoid these costly mistakes. Over the years, they have helped many who have made these costly errors.

In one incident, a programmer was added on top of another program. This is called “stacking.” This caused the timing to be advanced to a dangerous level and after one pass at the drag strip, the engine had melted pistons!

Do not let this happen to your expensive Cummins engine! Ask the Experts at Source Automotive which program is right for your needs and what program parameters should be avoided. Learn from their advice! They can help you avoid costly errors!

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Pavement Cracking Power in The Dodge Cummins Diesel!

The performance diesel industry was revolutionized when two turbos began to be used on diesel trucks. The use of additional turbos gives the driver the ability to burn more fuel and therefore generate more power. The power that a diesel engine makes is directly related to how much fuel it can burn. Thus when the burning ability increases, so does the potential power output. For the performance minded consumer, this is a necessity.

More fuel means more power, but it also means more heat. As the diesel fuel is burned, the heat generated is typically offset by the turbocharger as it forces cooler air through the intake and into the combustion chamber. When a stock turbo has exceeded its cooling ability, additional cooling is needed.

Source Automotive has been a leader in the Cummins Compound turbo industry. For years they have been drag racing and pushing the trucks they own to the limit. They understand the proper steps to make big power and they also understand what not to do. You can add horsepower and torque in bulk to your Dodge Cummins if you do it properly! Don’t make the mistake of upgrading your Dodge improperly and risk damage! If your considering adding power to your Dodge Diesel, call the experts at Source Automotive and be sure you do it safely!

Improve Your Truck’s Performance With Cummins Compound Turbos

LOGO_Source-Auto_BASIC_650xAre you looking to improve the overall performance of your Dodge Cummins?  Do you want your truck to be the talk of all the other Dodge Cummins owners?  Do you want to modify you truck to get the most benefits out of towing or drag racing.

At Source Automotive they know that different customers have different needs for what they are using their truck for.  If you are a weekend camper towing your toy hauler to your favorite camping spot, or a commercial transporter that is moving cars or cargo, to the weekend drag racer, Source Automotive offers a compound turbo setup to suit your needs.  The benefits for the customers that will be towing with the setup are, good turbo spool off the bottom with good power through the mid range and great EGT (exhaust gas temperatures) relief when you are pulling the hills. For the weekend drag racer at the track the compound turbo setup will help with making big power to turn those fast quarter mile times. Compound turbo setup with the correct supporting modifications you will see upwards of 60psi of boost or more.

There are numerous ways that a compound turbo setup is a beneficial addition to any Dodge Cummins those are just a few.  If you have any questions or are curious if this would be a good addition to your Dodge Cummins call the guys at Source Automotive.  They have many people on staff that can help you with the questions you have.

Necessity of Dodge Steering Stabilizer

Many Dodge diesel truck owners have experienced excessive wander when driving. There is often the complaint that “the truck does not drive like it used to.” Fortunately there is a solution to sloppy steering. Source Automotive Dodge Steering Stabilizers were designed to solve this problem.

When Dodge diesel trucks were designed, the frame and front end components remained unchanged from its gasoline engine counterparts. The difference however is that the diesel power plant is several hundred pounds heavier than a standard gasoline engine. Its cast iron block puts an extra strain on the frame and other front end components. This causes increased wear and decreases the overall handling of the truck.

As the steering wheel is turned, the weight of the truck causes the frame rails to flex at the joints. Just imagine a square and putting excessive force on one of the corners. When this happens, the square looses its shape and the frame flexes. In addition to this, the unsupported force is translated through the drag link and puts incredible strain on the sector shaft at the bottom of the steering box. This causes the steering box to leak and fail early. Once steering boxes begin to leak, there is no stopping the early demise.

As you can imagine, this problem is made worse when heavier larger tires are used. Commonly, larger tires are the first upgrade that a truck gets. Unfortunately there is often a downside. That downside is added weight, increased frame flex and added stress to the sector shaft of the steering box.

The solution to these steering problems is the original Dodge Steering Stabilizer! Solid Steel Industrial was the first and original manufacturer of the stabilizer and its results are hard to argue with. Source Automotive liked the product so much, they bought the company and now manufacture the Dodge Steering Stabilizer in the USA. The Dodge Steering Stabilizer is made from heavy gauge steel and mounts to the front ends of the frame rails and supports the bottom of the sector shaft as it comes out of the steering box. This additional support greatly changes the handling from the driver seat. The corners of the frame are more adequately supported and the frame flex is greatly reduced! In addition, the Dodge Steering Stabilizer’s ease of install makes this a win win for everyone! With basic tools and without welding, installation time is typically less than an hour. If your unhappy with the steering in your Dodge truck, a Source Automotive Dodge Steering Stabilizer can help.

Source Automotive Offers Expertise in Dodge Cummins Repairs and Upgrades

Thousands of shops work on diesel trucks. Many have been in the business for years and rely on experience to get them along. Source Automotive offers a distinct difference. They specialize in Dodge Diesel trucks.

While many claim to know a thing or two about these trucks, few can come close to the knowledge and experience that Source Automotive has to offer. Over the years, Source Automotive has become the leader in Dodge Diesel performance. Several years ago, Source Automotive was the first to get a full steel bodied truck completing the 1/4 mile in under 11 seconds.

Source Automotive has earned their expertise the hard way. To state it simply, they know Dodge Diesel trucks. If you are looking for an upgraded Tie Rod Kit, an intercooler boot kit, an upgraded turbo or the original Dodge Steering Stabilizer, call the experts at Source Automotive.