Pavement Cracking Power in The Dodge Cummins Diesel!

The performance diesel industry was revolutionized when two turbos began to be used on diesel trucks. The use of additional turbos gives the driver the ability to burn more fuel and therefore generate more power. The power that a diesel engine makes is directly related to how much fuel it can burn. Thus when the burning ability increases, so does the potential power output. For the performance minded consumer, this is a necessity.

More fuel means more power, but it also means more heat. As the diesel fuel is burned, the heat generated is typically offset by the turbocharger as it forces cooler air through the intake and into the combustion chamber. When a stock turbo has exceeded its cooling ability, additional cooling is needed.

Source Automotive has been a leader in the Cummins Compound turbo industry. For years they have been drag racing and pushing the trucks they own to the limit. They understand the proper steps to make big power and they also understand what not to do. You can add horsepower and torque in bulk to your Dodge Cummins if you do it properly! Don’t make the mistake of upgrading your Dodge improperly and risk damage! If your considering adding power to your Dodge Diesel, call the experts at Source Automotive and be sure you do it safely!


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