Beware Of Engine Damaging Upgrades

When it comes to improving the performance of your Dodge Cummins, use caution and get expert advice! Many aftermarket components can do severe harm to your engine or drive train if they are installed improperly or without consideration to the strength of the remainder of the truck.

For instance, when selecting an aftermarket programmer for your Dodge, it is important to understand that the programmer may have the capability of creating more power than your transmission is able to handle. In some cases, the owners of new programmers are excited about the new found bulk of power that they have found. Shortly after the upload of the race program to the ECM, the transmission fails. Source Automotive has the experience to avoid these costly mistakes. Over the years, they have helped many who have made these costly errors.

In one incident, a programmer was added on top of another program. This is called “stacking.” This caused the timing to be advanced to a dangerous level and after one pass at the drag strip, the engine had melted pistons!

Do not let this happen to your expensive Cummins engine! Ask the Experts at Source Automotive which program is right for your needs and what program parameters should be avoided. Learn from their advice! They can help you avoid costly errors!

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