Common VGT Turbo Failures And How To Avoid Them

Late model Dodge Diesel trucks utilize a Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT). A VGT turbo is designed to have the turbine housing expand internally as the engine RPM increases. This allows for the turbo to spool quicker, easier and sooner in the RPM range. As RPM increases, the actuator on the exterior of the turbo expands the size of the turbine housing by opening vanes allowing for cooler temperatures. When the vanes open, this increases the internal dimensions of the exhaust housing and reduces drive pressure and heat.

If the engine is at an off idle rpm, the VGT allows the user a substantial benefit in stopping power. At higher RPM’s the VGT can close at the vanes in the exhaust housing at the appropriate time which creates a significant amount of back pressure in the cylinder. This back pressure functions as an exhaust brake and slows down the engine and the truck.

Many users fail to understand that the daily use of the exhaust brake feature on the Dodge diesel is vitally important to the longevity of the turbo. The experts at Source Automotive understand this and highly recommend to each customer with a VGT to use the exhaust brake feature every time the truck is driven. They recommend this because diesel fuel generates soot. Soot is sticky. Over time, the soot buildup within the VGT can cause failures which damage the function of the VGT. Daily use of the exhaust brake will help the VGT avoid soot building up on the moving parts.

Often when the VGT fails, the vanes will stick in one position. This creates a tremendous problem for the driver. Imagine trying to drive your truck while it is stuck in first gear!

While some have attempted to clean the VGT to regain its function, cleaning has not shown itself to be a long term solution. If this happens, the best solution is to replace the turbo.

Fortunately, Source Automotive has teamed up with High Tech Turbo to offer a line of new, upgraded and remanufactured VGT turbos. If you find yourself with an non functioning turbo on your Dodge Diesel, give the experts at Source Automotive a call and they can help you choose which option is best for you.

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