How to Improve the Fuel Economy of a Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Truck

A commonly asked question is how one can improve the fuel economy in their Dodge Diesel. Economically, the world has seen a tightening in the pocket book. It seems that everything is getting more and more expensive and customers feel that economic pressure, especially at the fuel station. Diesel fuel prices have increased over the past few years and customers are looking for ways to reduce the “pain at the pump.” Here are a few suggestions to help get the most fuel economy out of your Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel.

The first and cheapest improvement you can make is to increase your tire pressure to the maximum allowable tire pressure. This added pressure will reduce the rolling resistance and help you improve fuel economy. When tires have low pressure, they require more energy to turn over when compared to a high pressure tire.

Second, make sure the truck has good working components. Make sure your front end is properly aligned. Having misaligned tires simply wastes energy as they pull the truck in different directions. Also, inspect the brake calipers. In older trucks especially, calipers can become sticky and drag on the brakes unnecessarily.

Another suggestion that we highly recommend, is the addition of a smarty tuner to your Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel. In the world of diesel performance, there is an incredible amount of options available. Smarty is the only tuner that is vehicle specific. While other makes and models utilize a V8 diesel, the Cummins platform in a Dodge is an inline 6 cylinder. These different engines have different characteristics that make a “generic” tune less desirable. A Smarty tuner, written only for the 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins, gives it a distinct advantage.

Adding a smarty tuner will give you the ability to increase the timing on your truck and yet still remain within safe parameters. Increasing the timing means that the diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder sooner and therefore allows the diesel fuel more time to burn completely. With a complete fuel burn, there is more power output than there would be otherwise and this can increase the fuel economy.

The Smarty Tuner can also perform a multitude of other functions. It will read diagnostic trouble codes, allow you to make tire height adjustments and in the case of the smarty touch, monitor engine parameters while the engine is running.

In most cases, the fuel economy in your Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel can be improved. If you are experiencing extremely poor fuel economy, you may have injector problems or another engine problem. If you are concerned, or need additional help with your Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel, call the Dodge Cummins Specialists at Source Automotive. They can help you get the most out of your truck. or call 503-654-9004.

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Getting the Most Potential Out Of Your Dodge Diesel Maintenance and Repairs

Due to the cost of a new truck, many current truck owners are deciding not to buy a new one. Instead they are keeping up on the maintenance and making repairs as they come along. What is unfortunate is that many customers miss this opportunity to increase the performance of the trucks they currently own. Many customers have the opportunity to make upgrades while doing maintenance or repairs and they have no idea that they are missing a tremendous opportunity!


In many cases, a large expense in repair costs is the physical labor and expertise required to complete these repairs. If the owner is aware of what a particular repair entails, they can be better prepared to make fantastic upgrades for essentially the cost of the upgraded components. For example, on many dodge diesels, the front timing case behind the gear cover can begin to leak oil between the block and the case. In this situation, the proper repair involves removing the camshaft. When this happens, It is the perfect time to upgrade your camshaft to a performance cam.

Dodge Cummins Diesels have several performance camshafts available like the Colt Stage 3. The Colt Stage 3 is a favorite at Source Automotive. It is a drop in replacement for the stock camshaft and is good for virtually every application from the daily driver to the drag racer. It is superior to the stock cam in that it has about 200* cooler EGT’s, quicker turbo spool up, roughly 2 to 3 MPG increase, a 30% decrease in smoke and is good to 4000 RPM.

If you find yourself with a leaking gear case that needs repairs, you are in the optimum position to make a repair and a supplicant upgrade at the same time. When you are faced with repairs, check in with the experts at Source Automotive and they can help you get the best potential for your dollar when you are making repairs on your 5.9L or 6.7L Dodge Cummins Diesel.

Increasing Reliability in the Dodge Cummins When Completing Repairs

Many customers do not understand that when a repair comes that it can be the opportune time to make improvements that can increase reliability and performance. While many OEM parts are satisfactory, there are components that are available that help make the truck more reliable.   For instance, some customers come to Source Automotive with a damaged head gasket. This can be a very time consuming and expensive repair for the customer. This repair is almost always unexpected and never desired. When installed properly, ARP head studs reduce the chance of a head gasket failing.

Factory head bolts are torqued to 77ft/lbs and then rotated an additional 1/4 turn. These bolts are a one time use bolt and once they have been loosened, they can not be reused. Head studs are a different story. The torque spec on a set of ARP 2000 for a 24v Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel is 125ft/lbs and they can be reused. These studs provide a significant increase in clamping force which helps to reduce the chance of a head gasket failure.

These head studs are not just for sled pulling or drag racing trucks. Anyone who wishes to make an upgrade to help avoid blowing a head gasket should consider installing head studs. These head studs can be installed on an intact gasket!

If you find yourself in need of a repair, or are interested in avoiding costly repairs, contact Source Automotive. They are experts in the Dodge Diesel platform and can help you make the best decision for your needs.

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Source Automotive For Dodge Steering Upgrades and Dodge Steering Support

LOGO_Source-Auto_BASIC_650xDodge Ram truck drivers commonly visit repair shops, read articles and surf the web for upgrades and modifications for their trucks. If you are looking to upgrade the steering on your truck, look no further than Source Automotive. We carry a complete line of steering upgrades. At Source you will get a variety of solutions and upgrades for your truck which include; Dodge Tie Rod upgrades, Dodge Steering Upgrades, Steering Linkage upgrades, Dodge Steering Stabilizer Packages, Steering Boxes, Steering Shafts, DSS, Control Arms, Bilstein Shocks and more. We supply service and support for all of our products. Numerous service providers have come up with the best upgrade solutions but you have to find the right one which matches your criteria. Source Automotive is a trusted name in the industry offering you the best solutions for your truck to improve its performance and make your vehicle just right for you. We have a full line of Dodge Truck parts and supplies. Visit us on our web site at or call 1-866-211-1533 and talk to one of our service representatives to discuss any questions concerning applications, installation, service and the support we offer for Dodge Truck upgrade modifications.

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What the Solid Steel Industrial Dodge Ram Steering Upgrade Kit Features

Dodge Ram Trucks are specially known for their strength. Second generation Dodge Rams still retain this strength but have become known for steering wandering issues. This fault lies in an under engineered front end resulting in excessive slop and steering play. You could replace all of the steering components and still experience this sloppiness.  Source Automotive offers the “ Solid Steel Industrial Ram Steering Upgrade” that enhances the way your truck will drive and feel !  This upgrade actually alters the feel of the steering to be improved to a better than OEM experience. This kit symbolizes just one of many upgrades Source Automotive has to offer. Come visit us on our web site at or call 1-866-211-1533 and talk to one of our service representatives to discuss any questions concerning applications, installation, service and the support we offer for Dodge Truck upgrade modifications.

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Upgrades Can Really Improve the On and Off Road Performance of Your Dodge Truck

Modifications to your Dodge Ram Truck may range from Dodge steering upgrades to shocks and performance upgrades. There are at least fifty standard ways to increase the off road and street performance of your truck. Both on and off road truck performance can be improved. For dependability on different off-road conditions you must invest some time and attention when choosing the right suspension enhancements. The right upgrades will provide excellent control and safe braking in circumstances that you may or may not expect. Source Automotive customer support team will discuss your individual habits and needs to help you choose what will work best for you. Whether you are going to spend more time on a muddy road or rocky road, in town or highway driving Source Automotive can enhance your driving experience.

Dodge Steering Upgrades

Need more power to crest that hill? Need to cool down the power you already have? Do you need additional braking with the heavy load you tow? The experts at Source Automotive can help you with your needs! For a one on one consultation/chat with a Source Automotive representative don’t hesitate to call us at 1-866-211-1533 or refer to our web site for more options to improve the performance & reliability of your truck.

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Dodge Steering Upgrades and Support by Source Automotive

For truck drivers vehicle upgrading is very common. Drivers look for the right platforms that can help in reaching their desired outcomes. Truck owners will look for mechanic shops, blogs and forums to get the right solutions addressing their needs. If you are looking for the right steering upgrade for your Dodge Ram Truck the Source Automotive web site offers a complete inventory of vehicle steering upgrades.

Source Automotive

You not only will have the options of choosing the right package but also of continued support. Available from Source Automotive are  Dodge Steering stabilizers, Dodge Adjustable track bars and Dodge Adjustable control arms only to name a few. Source Automotive is the benchmark for quality in Dodge steering components and service. Quality and safety standards are a must with Source. Source Automotive is on the top offering products and support for all Dodge Truck Steering Upgrades. Visit our web site: or call 866-211-1533.

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