The Need for the Cummins Compound Turbos

During the process of burning fuel forced induction is taking place. Compressed air is delivered into the intake of the internal combustion engine and helps the fuel burn more completely. This additional cooler, denser air mixes with the fuel in order to generate more energy. The Cummins compound turbo is an advanced air delivery system that employs a low-pressure turbocharger combined with a high-pressure turbocharger. The ambient air is drawn into the low-pressure turbocharger, then passes through the high-pressure turbocharger delivering the air to the intake manifold. Such a flow “multiplies/compounds” the breakthrough-effect.

Cummins compound turbo

This is what you want. Air flowing from a low-pressure turbocharger (larger one) to high-pressure turbocharger (smaller one) supplies more energy and captures more power per unit of fuel. Another advantage of a Cummins Compound Turbo charger is its effect on Turbo-lag which according to experts, has no ultimate solution. The Cummins Compound Turbocharger reduces this effect immediately. Usage of Cummins Compound Turbochargers literally makes the reduction happen by supplying more power/energy in the lower end of the revolutions per minute (RPM) range. To further discuss with our staff the positive effects the Cummins Compound Turbocharger can have on your truck don’t hesitate to visit us at Source Automotive ( or give us a call at 866-211-153

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