Getting the Most Potential Out Of Your Dodge Diesel Maintenance and Repairs

Due to the cost of a new truck, many current truck owners are deciding not to buy a new one. Instead they are keeping up on the maintenance and making repairs as they come along. What is unfortunate is that many customers miss this opportunity to increase the performance of the trucks they currently own. Many customers have the opportunity to make upgrades while doing maintenance or repairs and they have no idea that they are missing a tremendous opportunity!


In many cases, a large expense in repair costs is the physical labor and expertise required to complete these repairs. If the owner is aware of what a particular repair entails, they can be better prepared to make fantastic upgrades for essentially the cost of the upgraded components. For example, on many dodge diesels, the front timing case behind the gear cover can begin to leak oil between the block and the case. In this situation, the proper repair involves removing the camshaft. When this happens, It is the perfect time to upgrade your camshaft to a performance cam.

Dodge Cummins Diesels have several performance camshafts available like the Colt Stage 3. The Colt Stage 3 is a favorite at Source Automotive. It is a drop in replacement for the stock camshaft and is good for virtually every application from the daily driver to the drag racer. It is superior to the stock cam in that it has about 200* cooler EGT’s, quicker turbo spool up, roughly 2 to 3 MPG increase, a 30% decrease in smoke and is good to 4000 RPM.

If you find yourself with a leaking gear case that needs repairs, you are in the optimum position to make a repair and a supplicant upgrade at the same time. When you are faced with repairs, check in with the experts at Source Automotive and they can help you get the best potential for your dollar when you are making repairs on your 5.9L or 6.7L Dodge Cummins Diesel.


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