The Options When Choosing a Dodge Diesel Performance Injector

Many customers experience a loss in performance when their Dodge Diesel becomes a high mileage truck. One of the causes of this loss in performance is injector wear. The signs of poor injector performance can be rough idle, hard start, heavy smoke, fuel economy changes or a lack of power. Many factors can lead to excessive wear on common rail injectors and knowing what your truck is doing as it gets older can help you prevent catastrophic failure. In some cases, a worn injector can get stuck open. When this happens, fuel pours into the cylinder and can cause extreme heat and damage the piston and cylinder wall.

When the time comes to replace your injectors, Source Automotive has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the perfect injector for your application. Whether you are towing, daily driving, sled pulling or drag racing, They know exactly which injector will work best in each situation.

Source Automotive has an exclusive line of Remanufactured Common Rail Dodge Injectors for the 2003 and newer trucks that are the finest reman injectors available. If you are experiencing any troubling symptoms with your Dodge Diesel, give Source Automotive a call before your truck has a major failure!



Injector Options when you’re Common Rail Dodge Injectors Go Bad

Is your truck having difficulty starting? Are you seeing an abnormal quantity of smoke coming out your exhaust? Is your fuel economy changing? Are you noticing a rough engine, or a rattle coming from the injectors? Have you experienced a loss of power? All of these signs, and others, point to poor injector performance. When the time comes to replace your injectors, it is best to understand your options so you can move forward with the best choice for your truck.

Dodge Diesel injectors that were installed in years 2003 and up, are extremely complex pieces of engineering. They are referred to as “common rail injectors.” They are electronically actuated and are subject to extremely high pressures of diesel fuel and cylinder compression. They also have extremely complex internal components with very specific tolerances. Like any other mechanical part, they eventually wear out and begin to fail. When they do, it is important to understand the options you have so you can make the best choice when replacing the injectors.

The best way to approach this question is to know how you intend on using your truck. Some customers are happy with a factory level of horsepower and never intend on changing that. Other customers see the failure of the stock injectors as an opportunity to finally upgrade to the performance injector they have desired. For the performance minded consumer there really is only one choice for aftermarket injectors and that choice is Big Bang Injection.

Big Bang Injection, began in 2012 and was founded by Martin Schoppl and Jurgen Tanzer, who have a combined 25 years of hands on common rail injector experience. They both understand the common rail injector better than anyone and with that knowledge, they have developed the premier common rail injector! BBI injectors are balanced, hand built, and assembled to closer specifications than Bosch!

The trucks that Source Automotive drag race with, use BBI’s and the performance is second to none. When Source Automotive completes an engine overhaul, they will only install BBI performance injectors! BBI injectors aren’t just good, they are the best!