Keep Your Truck Reliable When Completing Upgrades

LOGO_Source-Auto_BASIC_650xMany customers will hear the great story of additional power that a programmer will provide. The mistake that is often made is that this newly found power can take a significant toll on factory components. Having said this, the power that programmers can make can be added to a truck without a significant decrease in reliability. This can only be accomplished if the truck is upgraded in the proper sequence.

For example, the horsepower that any truck is capable of holding is directly related to the components that carry that horsepower. If you can imagine a wheel barrow carrying a shovel full of sand, all should be well. However when that same wheel barrow is expected to carry a dump truck load of sand at once, it is not hard to understand why the wheel barrow would break.

This principle is true of diesel trucks as well. When considering any upgrade to your truck, particularly performance upgrades, keep in mind the primary use of the truck, your budget and the end goal of your upgrades. While the temptation may be to plug in a programmer into a stock truck and enjoy the added 200 horsepower, the enjoyment may be short lived. The transmission, fuel system, injectors and other vital components may require upgrades in order to safely support that demand.

The experts at Source Automotive know exactly what to do. Currently they have several trucks that are making over 1000 hp at the tire. After years of drag racing, they have tried thousands of combinations with components and know exactly which components need strengthening immediately and which can remain stock.

When making upgrades to your Dodge Diesel truck, there simply is no one else with the level of expertise that Source Automotive has. Give them a call and they will help you keep your truck reliable while meeting your performance goals.

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