Source Automotive Supplies Quality Performance Upgrades, Catering To Your Dodge Ram Truck Needs

The Portland, OR based Source Automotive is a well-known automotive source offering track bars for Dodge trucks. Source Automotive carries a complete line of truck parts. Source not only carries track bars but also performance upgrades for your truck, whether it be front end, twin turbos, suspension, brakes…you name it. We promise to provide premium quality parts and we will offer only the best solutions for the work you want accomplished on your truck. Source Automotive has been serving online and walk in customers since its inception in 2002. Their main focus is to offer a complete line of Dodge truck parts both steering, suspension, turbo, front end and performance upgrades as well as stock replacement parts.


Source Automotive has diesel truck experts who are experienced in the installation of all parts for your truck and the fabrication of auxiliary pieces that help get the maximum output/performance from your vehicle. Source Automotive is your one-stop destination for the best and the most appropriate solutions for your Dodge Ram Pickup. At Source Automotive you can expect all routine maintenance, repairs and performance upgrades to Dodge diesel trucks to be available. Source Automotive specializes in enhancing the overall performance and the driving excellence of your truck.

Source Automotive guarantees full satisfaction to their clients and works according to cater to their performance requirements. It is customer satisfaction that drives any business and customer satisfaction is their motto.

Source Automotive has emerged as the most trusted automotive company in the Pacific North West. They have a full range of stock, custom and upgrade systems for your Dodge truck. Feel free to give them a call at 1-866-211-1533 or 1-503-654-9004 to ask a question or to get advice about an idea you have.

Go to their website at, see the complete line of products they have to offer. Source Automotive is dedicated to supplying repair and maintenance solutions as well as upgrades and performance parts to its customers. What’s good for you is good for them.

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