Smarty UDC Tuning and Smart Data Logging for Your Trucks

For truck drivers, especially for Dodge, Chevy and Ford Diesel trucks, better performance of the vehicle is an important decision to make. They always look for top agencies and companies from where they can get the best solutions for truck modification to ensure more power and longevity. There are different types of works done through modification and people often search for the right agencies in their locality. If you are also one of them looking for such right ways of ensuring more power of your truck, you will have some better options for getting the right solutions from the comfort of home. Today, there are numerous renowned agencies and companies bringing you a variety of solutions and support. These companies have a team of professional automobile engineers, repairing experts and people from the industry who have years of experience and they leave no stone unturned in offering state of the art services and solutions.

They also use all the latest machines and systems; while offering after sales services. Some of the added services offered along with Smarty UDC tuning and smarty data logging include Air Intake Upgrades and Aftermarket Transmission Coolers, Aftermarket Valve Springs and Cam Installs, Clutch Installs, Cylinder Head Repair and Exhaust Brake Installs – PacBrake, Jacobs, BD, Banks, Turbo Mount or In-Line and a lot more. Not forget to mention fuel pump installs – stock or upgraded and gauge installs – source automotive, auto meter, isspro and a variety of others.

Apart from the aforementioned service, you will also get some added services and solutions that include injector pump replacement and injector swaps and intercooler installs and performance boxes. Smarty, edge, sct, superchip, ppe, steering and suspension upgrades and transmission rebuilds in auto format – mild to wild and turbo swaps & upgrades and twin turbo install along with valve adjustments and water-methanol injection and dodge torque convertors & valve bodies are also offered for the duration of repairing and modification services.

These companies are working with the motive of ensuring better performance of your vehicle and to provide the best ways of making your vehicle stronger and powerful. Now, searching the right company is an ideal way and there are different modes that you can choose according to your requirement and budget. Online search is the right way of getting the right solutions and support. So what you are waiting for, feel free to contact via any convenient mode of communication and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

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Improve Your Truck’s Performance by Getting Cummins Compound Turbos Installed

Are you looking for the best products for enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle?

Do you want to modify your vehicle with upgrades and improvements?

Our experts understand and are ready with the answers, experience and network of suppliers to help you attain your ideal truck.

The products and accessories available for installation in your vehicle include Cummins compound turbo, intercooler boot kits, track bars for trucks and various others known for special benefits. Depending on your choice and budget, you can have them installed in your vehicle for overall improved performance.

There are numerous reputable companies which specialize in performance modifications to vitalize your vehicle. Our goal is to maximize your driving experience. Whether your truck is used for daily driving, towing, drag racing or pulling a sled, you will get the best upgrading experience possible for your truck at Source Automotive. All the parts offered by our company are tested and run by us to ensure their best performance. Customer satisfaction, before, during and after the services is paramount. For that reason no stone is left unturned.

We perform all routine maintenance, repairs and performance upgrades to Dodge, Chevy, Ford Diesel trucks and other big names. Some of the common services offered by these service providers include airbags, swaybars, air intake upgrades, transmission coolers, aftermarket valve springs, cam installs, engine repair, custom dyno tuning, head stud installation and injection pump modification and timing. Not forgetting to mention transmission rebuilds, turbo swaps and upgrades, twin turbo install, valve adjustment, Dodge torque convertors, valve bodies and a lot more. Simply contact us at your convenience and leave the rest of the work to the experts at Source Automotive. Our primary mission is to bring you the best solutions and support.

Your satisfaction is an achievement for us; following all the safety and quality standards to provide you the best services and solutions. So what you are waiting for? Contact the experts at Source Automotive to get the best solutions to improve your vehicle’s performance.

The Use of Cummins Compound Turbocharger Results in Sped Up Motor

To expand the force from your auto motor, you can build the span of the motor, or expand the weight of the air in the admission complex utilizing a supercharger or a turbocharger. Expanding the sheer size of your auto’s motor will give you more power, however will likewise bring about higher fuel utilization and a heavier motor.

So how about we take a gander at expanding the pneumatic force in the ignition chamber. A supercharger, driven by the motor, constrains more air into the bay complex to produce more power at motor velocity; then again, since the supercharger is keep running off the motor, it really utilizes a portion of the additional force it produces.

Cummins compound turbo, then again, accomplishes the same goal of compelling more air into the complex, yet its driven by the waste vitality from the ventilation system, not by the motor. It is fundamentally a turbine and a compressor associated by a typical shaft and bolstered on an orientation framework. The turbocharger can change over waste vitality from the ventilation system into compacted air, which it pushes into the motor. This permits the motor to create more power and torque and enhances the general productivity of the ignition process.

The primary model of a turbocharged diesel motor used to be in the year 1915. Around the 1940’s the air ship gas turbine prompted advances in materials, innovation and outline; which brought on the turbocharger improvement of outspread turbines and prompted the utilization of spiral stream turbos on little auto diesel motors. Amid the 1950’s the real motor makers like Volvo and Cummins began to try different things with turbocharged motors for trucks. This prompted a German architect delivering a more inventive reduced outline and in 1954 the motor makers were beginning to offer a scope of turbocharged motors. Post position at Indianapolis in 1952 was won by an auto fueled by one of Cummins’ turbocharger motors.

The pros of utilizing a turbocharger are expanded motor force yield, enhanced fuel utilization, enhanced emanations, and elevation pay. So at last a turbocharger is the best approach in case you’re searching for that tiny bit of velocity in your ride.

In the event that you experience the historical backdrop of generation of these motors, Cummins considered the starting of these motors as a bet in light of the fact that interestingly, they were simply entering the littler gear portion.

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Dressing Up Your Favorite Vehicle with Advanced Steering Parts

Are you an owner of a HD truck? Are you an extreme off-road driving fan? If you are an adventure lover and if you own a truck, make your time full of fun and enjoy the long drive.

Trucks are valuable and an important asset for many business organizations. With these, one can transport goods from one place to another corner. These heavy vehicles run for long distance and many of the times hit the pot holes, speed bumps etc. on the road. If the truck is in absolutely perfect condition and you made the point to upgrade its parts, you can run your vehicle in any road condition and also across country.

Replacing the old parts with the latest and advanced truck parts is a great way of pampering yourself and the vehicle. Regular or weekly maintenance of these parts help the owner in better controlling the vehicle. ? Do you have any issues with steering parts of your vehicle? Steering parts are important parts of the truck to get a good mileage. If you have any issues related to driving, first check the steering parts from an automobile dealer. To support these parts, install a dodge steering stabilizer on your Ram truck as soon as possible, if you haven’t done this yet. It helps in steer handling, especially if you have installed high leveling kits in the heavy vehicle. It works wonderfully as an absorber for the steering box.  The leveling kits are required so as to balance the truck’s front and rear ends.

Steering stabilizer alleviates the subtle movements of the steering system, hence giving a better feeling when you drive on road of long distance.  The installation of the stabilizers is not very difficult. It requires just basic knowledge. When you purchase these, you will get a manual with the kit. Follow that and installation will get fixed easily. Whether it is stabilizer or leveling kits or other parts, before installing, you should know how much the part is compatible with the vehicle. You can consult this with the nearest auto repair stores or dealers.

The steering parts are available in many companies. Apart from these, there are a lot of accessories that you can choose from these dealers and pick the right one for you. A selected companies sale the various parts of trucks in wholesale rate. This is smart way of saving money and renews your old vehicle. So, why late, get them fixed and go for some kind of on-road and off road activities.

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Learning Session on Newly Invented Dodge Cars and Trucks

Automotive experts declare best warranty coverage in the automotive industry. This new guarantee covers the 2008 Dodge lineup including the new Dodge Nitro, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Charger, Dodge Avenger, Dodge Magnum and the recently overhauled 2008 Dodge Caravan. Automotive expert’s automotive experts speak to automotive expert’s dedication to assembling quality vehicles.

Such recently initiated guarantee project is accessible on each of the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Dodge autos and trucks (with a couple of exemptions) obtained on or after July 26, 2007, are secured by this guarantee. The automotive experts take care of the expense of all parts and work expected to repair secured powertrain segments which incorporate the motor, transmission and drive framework on front wheel drive, all-wheel drive, back wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles.

High functioning of trucks is possible for those customers who buy Dodge 2500 adjustable track bar autos and Trucks from Dodge Dealerships. Automotive expert’s states; “88% of their vehicles are secured by the automotive expert’s guarantee” with prohibitions to vehicles utilized for taxis, postal conveyance, police vehicles, limousines, emergency vehicle rental, and government utilization. Also, SRT models and Dodge Sprinters are just secured by the fundamental guarantee.

A few distinguished experts have turned out to be useful for a lifetime to the “first” proprietor of the acquired or rented vehicle. The guarantee has no deductible and is not transferable. Second proprietors of the vehicles are not secured by the automotive expert’s guarantee regardless of the fact that they are the same crew. Automotive experts will oblige free vehicle investigations like clockwork, the examination must be made within sixty (60) days of every 5-year commemoration of the in-administration date of the vehicle. You must have the review performed by an approved Dodge, Jeep or automotive experts merchant to proceed with this scope.

Avoid trucks are among the most confided in the business. They are known for their trustworthiness and strength, giving each Dodge proprietor a feeling of pride. Albeit sturdy and flexible, there are still a ton of routes for you to enhance its execution, its solace and accommodation highlights and its style. By the method for supplanting its stock parts or including assistant automobile parts, you can change your truck and make it seem and feel like new regardless of its age. Your decisions range from little Dodge accomplices to execution and body parts.

All You Need To Know About Dodge Ram Adjustable Track Bar

In case you’re the proprietor of any Dodge HD truck and haven’t had any issues identified with the front end suspension and/or directing, you’re either neglectful of it, or you’ve figured out how to locate a one in a million truck.

Since the arrival of the extremely mainstream 1994 Dodge RAM adjustable track bar through the current era of RAMs, there have dependably been burdens on the trustworthiness, and commonly the security of these trucks concerning the front end. Ordinarily, the 1994-2002 basically had issues originating from the untimely disappointment of the directing rigging boxes, bringing about an amazingly free feeling that would work some way or another down through the greater part of the tie bars and rotating conjunctures. Most drivers would clarify this detachment as “driving Miss Daisy” in which you’re driving not far off and continually adjusting the guiding on account of needing to over guide the truck. On top of this, most notice an amazing brutality when hitting pot gaps, pace knocks, and so forth that can be felt through the guiding wheel. In amazing instances of these trucks, numerous will encounter an event regularly known as Death Wobble.

Guiding stabilizers are accessible from various organizations, for example, Custom Diesel, Inc. They are moderate, with the Custom Diesel cost at $119 and are anything but difficult to introduce. The accompanying is the direction manual that accompanies the Custom Diesel, Inc directing stabilizer unit:

1. Uproot Pitman Arm Retaining Nut & Lock Washer, 1 5/16″ Socket Or Wrench Required.

2. Put In New Pitman Arm Retaining Nut & Lock Washer, Torque To 185 Ft. Lbs.

3. Uproot Swaybar Bushing Mount Bolts, 15mm Socket Required. Drop Swaybar Down And Loosen Swaybar Link Nut. This Will Make Install Easier. Back Off Until Nuts Are Flush With The Ends Of Threads.

4. Take Steering Brace, Slide It Around Swaybar And Push Everything Together Back Up Against The Frame, While Guiding The New Sector Nut/Pitman Arm Nut Though The Hole In The Brace Flange.

5. Supplant Swaybar Bolts, But Leave Them Loose To Adjust Bar After Sector Shaft Bearing Has Been Installed.

6. Introduce Sector Shaft Bearing, It Is A Tight Fit, You May Need To Use A Soft Face Hammer To Help Slide It Onto The Shaft.

7. When Bearing Is In Place, Install The 7/16″ -14 Bolts With Flat Washers On Both Sides And Nylock Nuts, Torque To 60 Ft. Lbs.

8. Fix All Swaybar Bolts While Making Sure The Bear-Ing Doesn’t Bind On Sector Shaft.

9. Fix Set Screws on Sector Shaft Bearing and Grease Bearing

As should be obvious the establishment is simple and straight forward.

RAM Cummins Steering and Suspensions for Trucks Bring Back the New Feel to Your Rig

Are you looking for a selection of advanced and premium quality steering and suspension components for your truck? The wear and tear on these items are dependent on driving conditions and the miles on your vehicle which mount up faster than you think. If you are looking for steering and suspension upgrades choosing the right combo for your truck is just a mouse click away. Source Automotive can provide you with the complete line of RAM Cummins components for your truck. They will help you in making the right decisions with parts that will work together to satisfy your driving requirements. Source will recommend the RAM Cummins front end steering and suspension parts to meet your needs whether it be for in town driving or in the mountains on rough roads/terrain. Check out their website at Source specializes in enhancing the overall performance and the driving excellence of your truck. It doesn’t matter whether it is your daily driver, your tow rig, a drag racer or sled puller, they try to personalize your front end upgrade experience.


Source Automotive guarantees full satisfaction towards their client’s performance needs. It is customer satisfaction that drives any business and customer satisfaction is their motto. Source Automotive has emerged as the most trusted automotive company in the Pacific Northwest. They have a full range of stock, custom and upgrade steering and suspension systems for your Dodge RAM truck. Feel free to give them a call at 1-866-211-1533 or 1-503-654-9004 to ask a question or to get advice about an idea you have. Go to their website at, to see the complete line of RAM Cummins steering and front end products they have to offer. They believe in living and breathing the “Diesel Experience“. Source Automotive is dedicated to supplying repair and maintenance solutions as well as upgrades and performance parts to its customers. What’s good for you is good for them.