Getting High Quality Maintenance and Performance Upgrades from Hands of Experts

LOGO_Source-Auto_BASIC_650xMaking performance upgrades can be dangerous without correct guidance. If your looking for more from your Dodge Cummins Diesel, you can trust Source Automotive for expert advice when making performance upgrades.

If your intended purpose for your truck is towing, every day driving or even extreme horsepower drag racing, Source Automotive has the guidance to help you avoid making costly upgrade mistakes.

Many companies who offer aftermarket components will be more motivated to sell you a product but fail to warn you of the potential consequences. Without strengthening certain components of your truck, some upgrades can actually cause catastrophic damage. Do not let this happen to you! Source Automotive is here to help. The last thing anyone owner wants is to add components to get the performance they are looking for, only to suffer sever engine or transmission damage.

Source Automotive believes in genuine customer service and business integrity. If they do not believe in a product, they will not sell it. At Source Automotive, customer trust is a high priority. If its performance, general maintenance or aftermarket components, no matter what your need is, Source Automotive can help you make the choice that is right for you!

If you own a Dodge Cummins, You can trust the advice of Source Automotive.

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Dodge Diesel Truck Shop and Store

Source Automotive is a Dodge Diesel Truck Shop and Store. Source offers one of the largest selections of diesel upgrades and truck parts with staff who will help you with maintenance solutions. They provide highly affordable Dodge adjustable track bars and a variety of other parts ranging from front end rebuild kits to injectors and twin turbochargers. If you need a part they have it. All of their parts that are top-quality and designed with cutting edge technology to work efficiently. No matter what types of problems you are facing with your vehicle, you can get the perfect solutions at Source Automotive.

Source Automotive Source is committed to upgrading your truck and your driving experience. They supply original parts and offer repair solutions to meet your needs and expectations. Their website will let you shop by make, model, category or brand. Source Automotive has been serving online and walk-in customers with dedication and satisfaction for many years.

Source Automotive was stablished in 2002, they have been offering premium products at highly competitive prices, plus old fashioned customer service that guarantees to keep you coming back.Source Automotive has one of the largest inventories of Dodge diesel truck parts and accessories in the Pacific North West. They can provide you with same day shipping on the part you chose whether it be a simple remove and replace job or a complete front end replacement kit. If you have questions concerning instillation, compatibility of parts or what upgrades are right for your vehicle,

Source Automotive will walk you through the solutions for your needs. Don’t hesitate to call 1-866-211-1533 or 1-503-654-9004 to speak with a representative. We specialize in performance modifications to positively affect your driving experience. Call the numbers listed, visit us on our website or stop in and talk to a member of our crew. We strive for customer satisfaction! It’s good for you, it’s good for us and that’s what it’s all about.You can access the following link to find more details –

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Keep Your Truck Reliable When Completing Upgrades

LOGO_Source-Auto_BASIC_650xMany customers will hear the great story of additional power that a programmer will provide. The mistake that is often made is that this newly found power can take a significant toll on factory components. Having said this, the power that programmers can make can be added to a truck without a significant decrease in reliability. This can only be accomplished if the truck is upgraded in the proper sequence.

For example, the horsepower that any truck is capable of holding is directly related to the components that carry that horsepower. If you can imagine a wheel barrow carrying a shovel full of sand, all should be well. However when that same wheel barrow is expected to carry a dump truck load of sand at once, it is not hard to understand why the wheel barrow would break.

This principle is true of diesel trucks as well. When considering any upgrade to your truck, particularly performance upgrades, keep in mind the primary use of the truck, your budget and the end goal of your upgrades. While the temptation may be to plug in a programmer into a stock truck and enjoy the added 200 horsepower, the enjoyment may be short lived. The transmission, fuel system, injectors and other vital components may require upgrades in order to safely support that demand.

The experts at Source Automotive know exactly what to do. Currently they have several trucks that are making over 1000 hp at the tire. After years of drag racing, they have tried thousands of combinations with components and know exactly which components need strengthening immediately and which can remain stock.

When making upgrades to your Dodge Diesel truck, there simply is no one else with the level of expertise that Source Automotive has. Give them a call and they will help you keep your truck reliable while meeting your performance goals.

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Source Automotive Offers Dodge Steering Upgrades and Dodge Steering Support Solutions, a trusted and reputable name in automobile upgrading in Clackamas, Oregon, has come up with after-market steering solutions for Dodge Ram trucks. Steering upgrades, Dodge Steering support, Dodge steering stabilizers and Dodge adjustable track bars, all will improve the way your truck drives. Engineers and mechanics from Source Automotive text and confirm resolutions to the short comings of the factory systems. In order to get the right support and solutions, all you need to do is simply give a call or send an email for better vehicle steering and handling solutions.


For truck drivers, better performance of your truck depends upon proper selections after-market upgrades to enhance the way your truck drives. Powerful engines, better than OEM steering, adjustable track bar and control arms can and will make your driving experience a better one. If you are looking to improve your driving experience, try the Dodge Adjustable control arms, Dodge steering stabilizers or DSS steering brace. Source Automotive is a trusted and reputable name in the industry offering you complete solutions and support to ensure better performance of your vehicle.

You will get assured satisfaction here; while services provided are second to none. Contact Source Automotive for an honest competent opinion on what you can do to make your truck drive well than new. About the Company: Source Automotive is a reputed name in the automobile upgrading industry offering you Dodge Steering upgrades, Dodge Steering support, Dodge steering stabilizers, Dodge Adjustable kit bar and a lot more.

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Upgrading The Factory Track Bar On Your Dodge Diesel Can Help A Poorly Handling Truck

Source Automotive has redesigned and greatly improved the factory track bar for Dodge Diesel Trucks. Track bars are bars that are fixed on the frame near the driver side and extend to the axle near the passenger side of the truck. They are designed to keep the front axle centered underneath the truck and prevent the axle from shifting back and forth from the driver side to the passenger side. Just imagine the front axle shifting while driving at highway speeds towing a trailer! The track bar can make a significant difference in the handling of the vehicle.
From the factory the 1994 to 2002 model years came with a track bar that incorporated a tie rod end on the frame side. When the factory designed tie rod end wears out, the only solution available is to replace the entire track bar. Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries have designed a high quality solid steel track bar with graphite impregnated polyurethane bushings that replace the tie rod end. In order to make this function properly on a 1994 to 2002 truck, a Track Bar Kit must be installed. The track bar kit is a bracket and hardware that mounts to the frame and accepts the bushing style end from the track bar.When the bushings of the track bar eventually wear out, simply replacing the bushings is all that is needed instead of replacing the entire track bar! In addition to the bushings, The bar itself has been greatly improved over the stock configuration. The upgraded version is larger in diameter and heavier duty than the lighter, weaker factory track bar.

Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries have designed two different styles of track bars. For stock height trucks, A standard Non Adjustable Track Bars will place the axle in the proper location. For trucks with leveling kits and lifts up to 3”, the Adjustable Track Bar is needed. If the adjustable track bar is installed, we highly recommend a front end alignment with a check to ensure that the front axle is centered properly. The only remaining consideration is that some aftermarket differential covers may need modification to allow the track bar to clear sufficiently. We have found that some aftermarket cooling fins on the differential covers protrude farther than factory and can come in contact with the track bar.
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When Seeking Modifications for Your Vehicle Ask the Right Questions

LOGO_Source-Auto_BASIC_650xEveryone these days needs a vehicle for the mobility it provides and for assistance transporting items from one place to another. A truck is such a multipurpose vehicle which is used to carry people and goods from place to place. Different types of vehicles are made every year with new designs and features but many owners are just not satisfied with the packages they receive from a dealer. They are willing to modify and incorporate further changes to enhance either the performance or looks. When modifications and or upgrades are done correctly both personal satisfaction/aesthetics and performance go hand ‘n hand.

Source Automotive’s service representatives and our support team will answer your questions and tell you the types of upgrades and modifications we provide. Any time you have a question on what to do or what not to do we will always steer you to what you are needing and/or looking for. Our business success is directly related to our commitment of putting our customers first. Whether you are looking for supplies and cleaners or high end performance items your satisfaction is what counts.

The people we have working for us are our biggest asset and we strive to make your experience with Source a positive one. When you purchase a product from us we will furnish guidance and support for any questions you have with regards to its installation and modification for your rig. We love to hear from our customers with reports of their satisfaction in their exhaust, steering, electronics or other upgrades that we provide them.

Source Automotive is a reputable provider who will listen to your requests and make appropriate and practical suggestions relating to the type of product you are interested in buying for your vehicle. We want your experience with Source to be personalized as well as positive. We have a full line of Dodge Steering, Dodge Exhaust, Dodge Cummins twin turbo kits, Advanced Performance Electronics and much more. Personality is another factor that guides your upgrade and modification decisions. Source Automotive can help giving you ideas to trick out your vehicle’s looks as well as performance improvements for power and fuel economy. When visiting our website if you can’t find what you are looking for don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can help. If we don’t have your item we will give you a good referral. Visit us at our website, or give us a toll free call at 1-866-211-1533 or stop by to speak with one of our sales representatives at 16805 SE 130th Ave. Clackamas, OR.

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Dodge Ram Steering Upgrade For Good Driving Experience

Those who are experienced drivers of Dodge Ram Trucks (especially those equipped with the Cummins diesel) are well aware of the fact that the stock steering is something that tends to feel completely imprecise and sloppy. That feeling is something that gets worse as your truck ages or if you are running oversized tires on your outfit.

From performance upgrades you’ve added after-market wheels and bigger than stock tires, combined with driving a modified diesel is quite hard on its steering system including the steering box, steering linkage, ball joints and wheel bearings. Over time all components of the steering systems tends to fall short when it comes to longevity. Often times “too soon” steering components will deteriorate and will make your whole vehicle feel worn-out, wobbly and generally unsafe.

Source Automotive is an automotive resource specialized in offering maintenance services and a complete line of heavy Dodge diesel truck parts. They offer an outstanding selection of steering components that are needed to replace worn out factory parts and in so doing restore the sharp handling in your Cummins diesel.

The products Source Automotive designs and manufactures for Dodge trucks are tested to ensure they meet strict safety standards and function properly. Source Automotive products are competitively priced so the customers get value for their money. Source also carries parts from other manufacturers at competitive prices.

If we don’t have what you are looking for we will give you a reliable referral. Call Source Automotive representatives at 1-866-211-1533 or 1-503-654-9004 to get more details about any parts or maintenance services you may need for your Dodge Ram truck.

They will take the time to discuss and go over any ideas you have concerning the performance of your Dodge Ram truck. You can visit their website to view the complete line of products they carry and in shop services they provide. Give them a call or send them an email to contact their representatives. Source is committed to catering to your needs. Their highly experienced personnel will only offer you the best solutions for your Dodge Ram truck. Give a call or visit our website for an email address. What’s good for you is good for us.

Visit today for dodge adjustable track bar and Dodge Steering support.