For An Updated Speed – The Cummins’ Compound Turbo Way

To expand the force from your auto motor, you can build the span of the motor, or build the weight of the air in the admission complex utilizing a supercharger or a turbocharger. Expanding the sheer size of your auto’s motor will give you more power, however will likewise bring about higher fuel utilization (and expenses) and additionally a heavier motor.


So we should take a gander at expanding the pneumatic force in the ignition chamber. A supercharger, driven by the motor, compels more air into the gulf complex to produce more power at motor pace; be that as it may, since the supercharger is keep running off the motor, it really utilizes a percentage of the additional force it produces.

Cummins compound turbo, then again, accomplishes the same target of constraining more air into the complex, yet it’s driven by the waste vitality from the ventilation system, not by the motor. It is fundamentally a turbine and a compressor associated by a typical shaft and upheld on a course framework. The turbocharger can change over waste vitality from the ventilation system into packed air, which it pushes into the motor. This permits the motor to create more power and torque and enhances the general effectiveness of the burning procedure.

The principal model of a turbocharged diesel motor in history was in 1915 by Dr. Bchi, Chief Engineer of Sulzer Brothers Research Department. Around the 1940’s the flying machine gas turbine prompted advances in materials, innovation and outline; which brought on the turbocharger improvement of outspread turbines and prompted the utilization of spiral stream turbo on little auto diesel motors. Amid the 1950’s the real motor makers like Volvo and Cummins began to try different things with turbocharged motors for trucks. This prompted a German designer creating a more imaginative minimized outline and in 1954 the motor makers were beginning to offer a scope of turbocharged motors. Shaft position at Indianapolis in 1952 was won by an auto controlled by one of Cummins’ turbocharger motors.


Cummins Compound Turbos – A Brief Explanation

Cummins compound turbo systems, most commonly referred to as twins are certainly a great way of making a big power increase with a Cummins without sacrificing drivability, towing capability or performance when you need it.
Generally compound systems use a smaller turbo charger to enhance fast spooling. The small charger is then coupled with a bigger charger that provides a decrease in exhaust gas temperatures and a boost in horsepower. A large turbocharger by itself it would have too much lag without being spooled up with the use of a smaller charger. This makes Cummins compound turbo systems a perfect fit for those daily drivers seeking to decrease EGT’s while increasing their power potential. Truck owners who plan to tow with their vehicles will appreciate the exhaust gas temperature relief provided by twin turbo charging.

Drivers who have varying expectations for, their trucks will also have different options to consider for powertrain enhancement. How do you want to do it; rely on the stock turbo with specialized programming, upgrade the factory turbo, or invest in a multiple turbo system? Also be thinking about with large turbo upgrades you’ll definitely need to improve your fueling system, enlarge the exhaust system, beef up your transmission and improve cooling to deal with the large increases in power and torque. Source Automotive is tuned into all of the variables that go into setting up your turbo system allowing for the type of performance you want for your rig. Source is a well known automotive brand specialized in performance parts for Dodge Ram trucks. Call a Source Automotive representative at 1-866-211-1533 or 1-503-654-9004 to get more details about any parts or maintenance services you may need. We will take the time to discuss and go over any ideas you have concerning the performance of your Dodge truck.

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The Need for the Cummins Compound Turbos

During the process of burning fuel forced induction is taking place. Compressed air is delivered into the intake of the internal combustion engine and helps the fuel burn more completely. This additional cooler, denser air mixes with the fuel in order to generate more energy. The Cummins compound turbo is an advanced air delivery system that employs a low-pressure turbocharger combined with a high-pressure turbocharger. The ambient air is drawn into the low-pressure turbocharger, then passes through the high-pressure turbocharger delivering the air to the intake manifold. Such a flow “multiplies/compounds” the breakthrough-effect.

Cummins compound turbo

This is what you want. Air flowing from a low-pressure turbocharger (larger one) to high-pressure turbocharger (smaller one) supplies more energy and captures more power per unit of fuel. Another advantage of a Cummins Compound Turbo charger is its effect on Turbo-lag which according to experts, has no ultimate solution. The Cummins Compound Turbocharger reduces this effect immediately. Usage of Cummins Compound Turbochargers literally makes the reduction happen by supplying more power/energy in the lower end of the revolutions per minute (RPM) range. To further discuss with our staff the positive effects the Cummins Compound Turbocharger can have on your truck don’t hesitate to visit us at Source Automotive ( or give us a call at 866-211-153

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