Improve Your Truck’s Performance With Cummins Compound Turbos

LOGO_Source-Auto_BASIC_650xAre you looking to improve the overall performance of your Dodge Cummins?  Do you want your truck to be the talk of all the other Dodge Cummins owners?  Do you want to modify you truck to get the most benefits out of towing or drag racing.

At Source Automotive they know that different customers have different needs for what they are using their truck for.  If you are a weekend camper towing your toy hauler to your favorite camping spot, or a commercial transporter that is moving cars or cargo, to the weekend drag racer, Source Automotive offers a compound turbo setup to suit your needs.  The benefits for the customers that will be towing with the setup are, good turbo spool off the bottom with good power through the mid range and great EGT (exhaust gas temperatures) relief when you are pulling the hills. For the weekend drag racer at the track the compound turbo setup will help with making big power to turn those fast quarter mile times. Compound turbo setup with the correct supporting modifications you will see upwards of 60psi of boost or more.

There are numerous ways that a compound turbo setup is a beneficial addition to any Dodge Cummins those are just a few.  If you have any questions or are curious if this would be a good addition to your Dodge Cummins call the guys at Source Automotive.  They have many people on staff that can help you with the questions you have.