Necessity of Dodge Steering Stabilizer

Many Dodge diesel truck owners have experienced excessive wander when driving. There is often the complaint that “the truck does not drive like it used to.” Fortunately there is a solution to sloppy steering. Source Automotive Dodge Steering Stabilizers were designed to solve this problem.

When Dodge diesel trucks were designed, the frame and front end components remained unchanged from its gasoline engine counterparts. The difference however is that the diesel power plant is several hundred pounds heavier than a standard gasoline engine. Its cast iron block puts an extra strain on the frame and other front end components. This causes increased wear and decreases the overall handling of the truck.

As the steering wheel is turned, the weight of the truck causes the frame rails to flex at the joints. Just imagine a square and putting excessive force on one of the corners. When this happens, the square looses its shape and the frame flexes. In addition to this, the unsupported force is translated through the drag link and puts incredible strain on the sector shaft at the bottom of the steering box. This causes the steering box to leak and fail early. Once steering boxes begin to leak, there is no stopping the early demise.

As you can imagine, this problem is made worse when heavier larger tires are used. Commonly, larger tires are the first upgrade that a truck gets. Unfortunately there is often a downside. That downside is added weight, increased frame flex and added stress to the sector shaft of the steering box.

The solution to these steering problems is the original Dodge Steering Stabilizer! Solid Steel Industrial was the first and original manufacturer of the stabilizer and its results are hard to argue with. Source Automotive liked the product so much, they bought the company and now manufacture the Dodge Steering Stabilizer in the USA. The Dodge Steering Stabilizer is made from heavy gauge steel and mounts to the front ends of the frame rails and supports the bottom of the sector shaft as it comes out of the steering box. This additional support greatly changes the handling from the driver seat. The corners of the frame are more adequately supported and the frame flex is greatly reduced! In addition, the Dodge Steering Stabilizer’s ease of install makes this a win win for everyone! With basic tools and without welding, installation time is typically less than an hour. If your unhappy with the steering in your Dodge truck, a Source Automotive Dodge Steering Stabilizer can help.