Upgrading The Factory Track Bar On Your Dodge Diesel Can Help A Poorly Handling Truck

Source Automotive has redesigned and greatly improved the factory track bar for Dodge Diesel Trucks. Track bars are bars that are fixed on the frame near the driver side and extend to the axle near the passenger side of the truck. They are designed to keep the front axle centered underneath the truck and prevent the axle from shifting back and forth from the driver side to the passenger side. Just imagine the front axle shifting while driving at highway speeds towing a trailer! The track bar can make a significant difference in the handling of the vehicle.
From the factory the 1994 to 2002 model years came with a track bar that incorporated a tie rod end on the frame side. When the factory designed tie rod end wears out, the only solution available is to replace the entire track bar. Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries have designed a high quality solid steel track bar with graphite impregnated polyurethane bushings that replace the tie rod end. In order to make this function properly on a 1994 to 2002 truck, a Track Bar Kit must be installed. The track bar kit is a bracket and hardware that mounts to the frame and accepts the bushing style end from the track bar.When the bushings of the track bar eventually wear out, simply replacing the bushings is all that is needed instead of replacing the entire track bar! In addition to the bushings, The bar itself has been greatly improved over the stock configuration. The upgraded version is larger in diameter and heavier duty than the lighter, weaker factory track bar.

Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries have designed two different styles of track bars. For stock height trucks, A standard Non Adjustable Track Bars will place the axle in the proper location. For trucks with leveling kits and lifts up to 3”, the Adjustable Track Bar is needed. If the adjustable track bar is installed, we highly recommend a front end alignment with a check to ensure that the front axle is centered properly. The only remaining consideration is that some aftermarket differential covers may need modification to allow the track bar to clear sufficiently. We have found that some aftermarket cooling fins on the differential covers protrude farther than factory and can come in contact with the track bar.
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Details about Track bar Conversion Kits

Source Automotive is an industry leading company specializing in performance modifications for Dodge Ram Trucks. Source Automotive offers quality parts for Dodge trucks and technical assistance provided over the phone regarding repair or upgrade solutions. They are a one-stop destination for people looking for a Dodge diesel specialist that has your best interests in mind. If you are looking to inquire about or to purchase a reliable brand name track bar conversion kit we either have it, can get it for you or can give you a good reference. We have modern track bar conversion kits that will let you utilize a 2003+ OEM style track bar on your 1994-2002 Dodge Ram truck.

This Track Bar Conversion Kits bolts right on in a few minutes. It doesn’t need any hard work in terms of welding, drillings or other modifications for you to install. These kits comes with all necessary hardware; spacers, shims, sleeves etc. to fit your trucks’ stock hardware. If your Dodge truck is suffering from wandering steering or with an aftermarket lift kit, our track bars will center the axle side to side and ensure proper suspension alignment. The track bar will also give a much tighter feel to the front end by eliminating the O.E.M rubber bushings. For more information don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-211-5133 or 1-503-654-9004 to talk with one of our sales representatives. You can also visit our website at sourceautomotive.biz to get more information on the services our shop provides as well as the complete product lines we have to offer.

Harness The Stopping Power Of Your Dodge Diesel Engine

When it comes to towing a heavy load, there is no substitution for a Dodge truck equipped with a Cummins diesel engine. Cummins diesel engines have been the standard for power and torque and have given the consumer the ability to tow massive boats, trailers and fifth wheel trailers. Having all the torque and horsepower that the Cummins provides is very useful when towing and especially when going up hills. Source Automotive understands how to get the most out of the Dodge Cummins diesel. However few are getting the most that their diesel engines can provide especially when it comes to generating stopping power.

Brake components, namely pads, rotors, drums and shoes, function very well in most circumstances, however, they do have limitations. When towing heavy loads, it is important to consider those limitations to keep the truck and cargo safe. One of the limiting factors in brake use is heat. When friction brakes are used, heat is generated. As the pad grips, the disc or the shoe presses against the drum, significant friction is created and this friction is used to provide braking power. A byproduct of that friction is heat. If the brakes become too hot for repeated use, perhaps in a long downhill situation, the brakes can loose stopping power. This loss of power from excessive heat is called “Brake Fade.” When the power of one brake is lost to brake fade, the remaining brakes must make up for the work. The remaining brakes are likely nearly overheated and can soon succumb to brake fade as well. The end result could be catastrophic.

Brake fade can be avoided and in the case of the Dodge Cummins diesel owner, there is a definitive solution! Exhaust brakes have been utilized for years. Every Dodge Diesel that tows heavy should be equipped with one to increase the braking power available, reduce the cost of replacing costly brake components and give the driver reassurance when towing a heavy load. Exhaust brakes function by closing the exhaust portion of the engine and thus make the engine force the exhaust out of the cylinder. This force generates tremendous stopping power that is completely independent of conventional friction brakes.

Those who tow heavy and use an exhaust brake already understand the importance of its proper function. When used properly, the cargo, passengers, and driver are safer and components experience less costly wear. The experts at Source Automotive can help you understand the differences between the exhaust brakes available and they can help you choose which one is right for your needs.

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