A Smart Touch To Your Vehicles

Smarty data logging can be utilized to track vehicles continuously or to show the areas went to at a later date. The information can be put away in the vehicle’s following unit or transmitted to the home database. The adaptability of the hardware implies there are various business applications.


The innovation is here and there alluded to as “programmed vehicle area or finding”. That term may not generally be material. It relies on upon which kind of tracker has been introduced. In the European Union, it has been abbreviated to a solitary word term: tele locating. Similar to the case in the expression “working from home”, the prefix signifies “at or from a separation”.

The innovation permits an individual or a business to take after a vehicle at a separation. For instance, a private specialist could take after a focus without the danger of being spotted. He could likewise utilize the gadget to make a log of where the target had been over a predetermined time of time. The main time he would need to approach the auto would be to plant the gadget.

There are numerous different cases obviously. A standout amongst the most widely recognized employments of this innovation is in the delivery business. Armada proprietors have the capacity to stay informed concerning the majority of their trucks in an auspicious way. By labeling packages or beds with individual RFID labels, they can likewise stay informed regarding shipments.

In the event that a client calls, they can discover the area of a package rapidly, generally in a matter of seconds. You may comprehend the change in client benefit this application has given. To make utilization of smarty data logging, you require two fundamental things. Your organization’s database must be intended to work with the innovation. So a very much composed database is the first thing you will require.

The second is a tracker. There are a few various types of trackers. The RFID labels said above are the least complex kind. They don’t log or send data. The exactness of the labels relies on precise checking.

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Control Your Vehicle in Better Way with Steering System

Many improvements have been made to the Steering System of Dodge Ram trucks. From the factory the steering of these trucks quickly deteriorates and drivers often feel a gradual loss of responsiveness and overall control. The tie rod system is a crucial part of your vehicles steering system as it transmits force from the steering center link to the steering knuckle forcing the wheels to turn. The tie rods are responsible for turning the wheels at the same rate and in the same plane as each other. Without properly functioning tie rods, the front tires would turn at different rates and in highly worn cases in different directions. In 2003 to 2009 years, Dodge incorporated a tie rod system that is commonly referred to as Y Linkage. The design of this linkage allowed for the front tires to toe in and toe out independently as the suspension is compressed and relaxed. This causes the driver to feel slop, wander, bump steer and in some cases the infamous Death Wobble as a result of!

This design. A significant improvement to this poor linkage is the upgraded steering linkage.

The upgraded steering linkage makes a dramatic improvement on these problems by utilizing a T style linkage. This style has a solid one piece tie rod end. This eliminates the independent toe in and toe out problem as the suspension compresses and relaxes.

The Source Automotive steering linkage kit incorporates zerk fittings at the tie rod ends to allow for greasing for longer tie rod life.

This steering linkage also requires a new steering damper. The original steering linkage has a stud style attachment point and this upgraded version does not. After installation of the upgraded linkage kit, we recommend a front end alignment to ensure that the front tires are tracking identically.

The Source Automotive tie rod upgrade is a genuine Mopar upgrade with stronger, heavier links for reliability and longevity. This upgrade is a 2003 and newer truck specific product.

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Make Your Driving Experience Great With Dodge Steering Stabilizer

Dodge Ram trucks, specifically the diesel versions, are known for poor steering handling. Often owners of new trucks are pleased, however over time the heavier diesel engine (when compared to the gasoline engine) contributes to greater wear on front end components. This creates a sloppy, unresponsive feel that virtually every owner experiences. Source Automotive and Solid Steel Industries were the first to design a solution to a large contributor to the wandering problem. This innovative thinking generated the first Dodge Steering Stabilizer.

The Dodge Steering Stabilizer provides additional support to the frame and steering box where the factory design falls short. This stabilizer firms up the flex in the frame rails that is felt when driving. This flex is made worse by the heavier diesel engine and often by over sized tires and lifted suspensions. Frame flex contributes to a mushy, sloppy feel as the truck drives down the road. The second location that the Stabilizer supports is the bottom of the steering box. As the driver turns the steering wheel, the additional weight also causes the steering box to flex at the sector shaft. This contributes to early steering box leaks and causes premature failure of steering boxes.

Source Automotive recommends preserving your steering box and greatly improving the drivability and handling of your Dodge by installing a Solid Steel Industries Steering Stabilizer.